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St James Church of England High School

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September 2013

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Gifted and Talented

In Year 7 students sit a series of tests called the Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs). These allow us to identify some of out potentially ‘Gifted’ students. These students will them be mentored throughout their time with us to ensure that they are given the best opportunities to ‘fly.’ At St James’s we appreciate that many of our students are talented in a large number of different areas and our staff are continuously assessing the students to identify those students who show a ‘flair’ in a particular area, this might be in sport, the arts or any academic subject.

The ‘talented’ students are then given the opportunity to explore their particular area with greater depth and breadth. This might be in the form of extra-curricular clubs, whole school challenges and enterprise days or any number of enrichment activities.

In 2011-2012 students took part in the following activities to name but a few:

Alan Turing Workshop, Art Gallery Visits, Art Workshops, Body Experience, Cathedral Visits, Designing Hovercraft, English Examiner Seminars, French Language Leaders, Forensic Psychology, Geography Field Trips, History Artefacts Day, Music Weekend and Concerts, Olympics Day, Oxford University Residential, Photography Course, Physics and Space, Pottery Workshop, Runshaw College Workshops, World Book Day and many more.

To view the trips and visits list for this academic year please click here.

At St James’s we try to challenge all of our students as we firmly believe everyone has a talent – it is just that some are better at hiding them than others! We have spent a great deal of our staff training programme looking at ways to make every lesson as challenging as possible for all our students. We believe that this has made a great contribution to our Examination Results and achieving ‘Outstanding.’