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September 2013

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GCSE Business Studies

This course is equal to 1 GCSE. It is a brand new subject and will cover topics not covered in key stage 3. It is suitable for pupils with excellent written English skills. There will be 2 Exams and 1 piece of Controlled Assessment.

Unit 1 Exam – Setting up a Business – this covers 40% of your marks.

Unit 2 Exam – Growing as a Business – this covers 35% of your marks.

The topics you will cover are:

Starting a Business:

  • Starting a business enterprise
  • Setting business aims and objectives
  • Business planning
  • Choosing the appropriate legal structure for the business
  • Choosing the location of the business
  • Expanding a business


  • Finance and support for a small business
  • Financial terms and simple calculations
  • Using cash flow
  • Finance for large businesses
  • Profit and loss accounts and balance sheets


  • Conducting market research and limited budgets
  • Using the Marketing Mix – Product
  • Using the Marketing Mix - Price
  • Using the Marketing Mix – Promotion
  • Using the Marketing Mix – Place

People in Business

  • Recruiting
  • Motivating staff
  • Protecting staff through understanding legislation
  • Organising organisational charts and management hierarchies
  • Recruitment and retention of staff

Operations Management

  • Production methods for manufacturing and providing a service
  • Customer service
  • Production methods for growing businesses
  • Recognising challenges of growth
  • Maintaining quality assurance in growing businesses

The Business Organisation

  • Expanding a business
  • Choosing the right legal structure for the business
  • Changing the business aims and objectives
  • Choosing the best location.

Unit 3 – Controlled Assessment – Investigative a Business- this covers 35% of your marks.

This will involve you investigating an existing company and preparing reports on your findings.