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Film is a form of art, and often art is a mirror to the society we live in.  There is so much more to Film Studies than simply watching films. When watching a film, we might regard it as relaxation or escapism. However, the in-depth study of film involves coming from a very different starting point. As well as gaining an appreciation of film as an art form in terms of its visual storytelling, studying film can enhance your understanding of the world, for example by exploring competing values, attitudes and beliefs.  

The development of deeper critical and creative thinking gained by studying film can enhance many different career paths and is a much sought after transferable skill in both employment and further study.  The film industry employs a range of skilled people from screenplay writers, costume designers, cinematographers and lighting technicians.   

Film Studies is an extremely enjoyable and worthwhile subject to study, but expect to be constantly challenged and excited by the course. Not only will it change the way you watch film, but more importantly it will challenge you to think in new ways and question or change your perspective on a whole host of issues, for example, representation of race or gender. Studying film allows you to understand important issues and developments within history, society and culture, using film as the medium with which to gain a greater insight into these areas. From Hollywood Cinema to Contemporary UK Film, the films we study are films of depth and substance, which have been purposefully chosen to offer rich and interesting analysis. They represent different time periods and different moments in history showing alternative representations of culture and people.

The critical skills you develop through studying film will also be of use in GCSE English and modern foreign languages. The deepening historical and cultural perspectives you will develop will inform your work in history, geography, sociology and other subjects.

GCSE Film Studies is an excellent opportunity to begin your journey towards a career in a creative industry and if you love film, it’s your chance to study your passion! 


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