St James's Church of England High School

St James Church of England High School

Bishop Fraser Trust

'A National Teaching School'

September 2013

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hOW TO Contact School


If homework has not been handed in, teachers will inform you through the planner.  Likewise, you may communicate with a subject teacher in this way.
We would ask you to monitor your child's homework and sign the planner each week.


If you simply want to inform the school that your child will not be attending that day, telephone and let attendance know. Alternatively, you can email It is helpful if you are able to give the name of your child’s form tutor.
For any other queries, you should ask to speak to the Head of Year 7.
The school telephone number is (01204) 333000


Please inform the school in writing if:-

  • You are changing address and/or telephone number.
  • Any information given on the Emergency Contact Form changes.
  • You are moving and have the name and address of your child’s new school


If you know in advance that your child is going to need to be off school (e.g. hospital visit etc.) please complete one of the yellow slips from the absence booklet and send it in to school. 
If the absence has been unforeseen, please telephone the school on the first day of absence and complete the slip to give to your child on the day he/she returns.  This system also allows you to keep a record of absence.


For non-attendance related matters you can also contact school or send correspondence by email to