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RE at St James's

“The RE curriculum is impressive for its breadth and challenge and for the pastoral awareness and care that underpins its structure.” Siams Report 2016. 

Religious Education at St James’s enables our pupils to understand the world in which they live, allowing them to be critical thinkers and to consider a range of important and difficult questions related to their morality and values. RE encourages our pupils to ask fundamental questions and make world view comparisons. Our lessons create an environment where pupils can search for truth, encouraging decision making skills, collaboration & independent work.  Our pupils are given the opportunity to develop their skills of debate, dialogue, interpretation and analysis. Through our curriculum, they develop social, cultural, spiritual, and philosophical awareness. It encourages pupils to respect and understand their own identity, whilst exploring and respecting the identity of others. Our curriculum contributes to the development of a more religiously literate and tolerant society.

Throughout Key Stage 3, pupils study the three Abrahamic faiths; Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The lessons are fun and engaging yet challenging and the religions studied at KS3 ensure progression at KS4. At GCSE level, Religious Education is a rigorous, demanding and academic subject in which our pupils will be asked to consider different religious and humanist viewpoints on topics such as; war, crime, marriage, euthanasia and abortion. 

“RE provision for Year 11 pupils is exciting because, free from the constraints of an examination, pupils have the opportunity to question more deeply a range of moral and religious themes. They explore them from theological and philosophical perspectives.” (Siams Report 2016) Throughout Year 11, pupils are able to study the Holocaust, prejudice & discrimination and medical technology. The reduction of pressure in Year 11 ensures a good balance of progress and pastoral care for our pupils. 

The spiritual development of our pupils through RE lessons is key. We hope all of our pupils leave St James’s living out our motto; ‘‘Caring for others † Achieving excellence’.

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