St James's Church of England High School

St James Church of England High School

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'A National Teaching School'

September 2013

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Case Studies

Zac Hill SD History Trainee 2015-16

Why did you pick School Direct?

On recommendation from friends of mine and experienced teachers, that the School Direct route was the preferred route for employment following the Initial Teacher Training year. I also met Victoria and Rebecca at an MMU open day and they sold the idea of School Direct over PGCE core.

The amount of time in school compared to Core has been beneficial to my development. Plus, the chance of a placement at a contrasting school then to come back to your original school provides the opportunity to showcase the progress you’ve made.

What made you choose St James’s?

When I met Rebecca and Victoria at MMU, they were quick to explain the benefits of St James’s and the St James's Teaching Partnership. I went home and researched the schools and asked friends from the Bolton area about St James’s. By the time I had heard 3 or 4 glowing reviews, I was sure it would be a good place to apply. The interview day was very professional but at the same time, no one at St James’s placed you under unnecessary pressure at any point of the day. When I left the site, I was very much hoping to be offered the role. St James’s made us feel comfortable and welcomed throughout the day. These simple things made my decision for me.

What aspects of your training have you enjoyed the most?

  • The constant support provided by all members of staff in the  St James’s Teaching Partnership.
  • The training sessions that are provided regularly by the Teaching School.
  • The increasing levels of responsibility from my department.
  • Reflecting back on your lessons and being able to use mistakes/successes in order to improve week on week.
  • Being part of a form and gaining an insight into the Pastoral element of school life.
  • Having the opportunity to team coach a rugby team.
  • Being able to attend a contrasting placement after Christmas which tested both my patience, behaviour management and teaching and making the right amount of progress to develop as a trainee.
  • Being able to look back to last September and seeing how much I have progressed.

Would you recommend St James’s to future trainees?

Without a doubt.


Emma Bentham-Jung MFL Trainee 2015-16

Why did you pick School Direct?

I chose School Direct because it worked best for me. I knew that I would be placed in schools within the same partnership, which meant that I would not be too far from home. I also wanted to be trained by a school to have a more 'hands-on' experience.

What made you choose St James’s?

From the moment I stepped into the building, I felt part of the St James's family. Staff are extremely welcoming and I felt at ease.

What aspects of your training have you enjoyed the most?

I have very much enjoyed the School Direct training sessions, which were expertly organised and we were trained by some very experienced teachers.

Would you recommend St James’s to future trainees?

Very much so! St James's Teaching Partnership is a great place to train. My subject mentors and our professional mentor have been very supportive.

Any additional comments.

If you are interested in doing a PGCE, I would suggest the School Direct route.