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 St James's Teaching School Partnership

St. James's Teaching School Partnership is committed to the moral purpose of offering mutual support to schools in Bolton, in neighbouring authorities and beyond. Collaborative engagement is key to our success and we believe that developing others is at the heart everything we do.  

Developing Teaching and Learning and CPD are our strengths. We strive to develop high quality professionals who have the capacity for improving Teaching and Learning, and in doing so, may develop the skills necessary for leadership. We have an extensive range of training courses on offer for both Secondary and Primary sectors.  CPD is delivered by outstanding practitioners as well as outside providers. The Teaching School also offers bespoke training packages.

We are continually expanding our School to School support programme through SLEs, LLEs and NLEs who share the desire to have a real impact in their own school and others.  We appreciate we do not have all the answers and strive to engage other schools with different profiles to join our Alliance and share their expertise.

Our commitment to ITT began before being designated as a Teaching School.  We believe that through School Direct we are recruiting the best teachers for the local area in order to improve the educational opportunities for pupils. With School Direct we have engaged with the Primary sector to expand our ITT opportunities and to enhance the quality of our programme. The South Bolton Teaching Partnership is continuing to grow from strength to strength.

We are engaged in a wide variety of research and development projects, many of which are linked to accredited programmes and our work with Manchester Metropolitan University is taking this even further. We are excited as to how this will further develop sound pedagogy and pupil outcomes.

We pride ourselves on a robust quality assurance process which ensures that our services are specifically targeted to meet the needs of the client and that they succeed. We are outward facing and self-critical, constantly asking ourselves ‘How could we do it better?’

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